Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Mar 15, '05 We Are Home -- Great Long Week-End

We are camped at McGrath State Beach in Oxnard. This is about 7 miles from home. Instead of heading for home yesterday evening we decided to visit the camp host here who are members of the forum at http://rv.net. Diane and Terry are another terrific couple we have met because of RVing and RV.net. I think the majority of camping people must be great people. Everyone we have met so far has been friendly and fun to talk to and be with.

Poky The Dog has had a great morning. The grassy areas here are loaded with gophers. He has seen about three of them pop their heads up. He went excavating for one and for a little dog he dug quite a hole. His first hole since we've had him. Luckily we have a shovel and filled in the hole with dirt from other gopher mounds.

This is our last day on the road. We will leave here about noon and head to Costco for gas and one of those delicious Costco hot dogs for lunch. I think Costco has the best hot dogs in the county. Their combo pizza is pretty good too.

Our next rally is just over three weeks away. That one will be in San Dimas, California. That is fairly close to the Pomona Fair Grounds. So far I think there are about 35 rigs going to that one. Last year San Dimas was our first rally and there were over 50 rigs at that one. They roasted a whole pig that time. It was sure delicious, along with the pot luck dinner.

I really need to get a computer station in this motorhome. A permanent spot for the computer, a printer and small amount of storage for computer disks and stuff. The laptop on the dining room table is not ideal. I have to move at meal time and the keyboard height is not comfortable for typing. There are two places I could put a computer station. One is behind the passenger seat. The other would require removing the couch, putting in one or two recliner chairs and a workstation beside them, probably directly behind the driver's seat.


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