Sunday, August 07, 2005

Tall Ships In The Harbor

You saw my prize winning picture of the grounded tall ship.  There are a number of tall ships in our local harbor. It is where we go to the Farmer’s Market on Sundays.  Today is Sunday, so I think we will drive over and take a look at the tall ships.

Here is a quote from
“Channel Islands Harbor has been named as an official host port for 2005 Tall Ships Challenge® Race Series organized by ASTA. 8 vessels from as far away as Mexico, New Zealand and Japan will be visiting Channel Islands Harbor on August 5-8, 2005.”

I doubt if I’ll get another prize winning photo, but I will take my camera along and take a few pictures.

We talk to a lot of people and regularly mention RVing. There sure are a lot of people who would love to be able to travel the country in an RV.

One couple we talked to at the fair had an RV in the past, but it burned to the ground due to a gas line link. They were driving the motorhome when the fire occurred. They got themselves and their children out safely, but the RV was totaled.

There are various lines in a motorhome that should be checked and replaced if any wear is seen. If lines are old it might be a good idea to replace them just for that reason. We just replaced all the water hoses in our Bounder when we had the headers put on. I think my gasoline lines should be inspected. It is long way from the back of the coach where the gas tank is up to the engine. That is a lot of line to have wear and tear on. Then there are brake lines which include rubber sections that can age.

Propane lines are interesting. You assume is your leak detector doesn’t go off they are fine. The problem is the lines rub a the RV goes down the road. An RV twist and bends as it travels. This action makes copper lines rub against holes and metal along their length. This rubbing can eventually wear a hole in the line and cause a propane leak. The problem with inspecting propane lines is that they are behind your appliances and running through walls. One of these days I will do as thorough an inspection on my lines an I can and tell you about it.


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