Friday, January 05, 2007

Blogging Your Way Online

I talked about inexpensive websites yesterday. There is a free way to get online and that is blogging your way online. You are reading my blog. You could have one of your own. Go to Blogger and register for a free account. It is very easy to do, and it is possible to make money from a blog. You can put Adsense ads like you see on this page or you can put links to companies who pay you if someone clicks on your link and then buys a product.

My Camping World Link at the bottom of the page is an example of 1 link I can earn income from. That type of link is"affiliate marketing", where I became an affiliate of Camping World.

There are many affiliate programs out there. Some of the names you might recognize are WalMart, Frederick's of Hollywood, Ebay and Circuit City. There are thousands of Affiliate programs from small companies to large ones.

So you start a blog and put Adsense ads from Google on your pages. Each time someone just clicks on an ad you get paid a few cents to a a few dollars. They do not have to buy anything, just click on the link. NEVER click your own links or have family or friends click on your Adsense links. You can have you account banned forever. Never HELP a friend by clicking on their Google Adsense links. It can hurt them more than help them. Google tracks suspicious activity on the ads.

With the affiliate links someone actually has to click the link and then buy a product from the vendor. You get a percentage of the sale. You will notice RV Living Magazine webpages (not blog pages) have pictures and links to Camping World. Each month we get about $15 in commissions from Camping World. OK, that is not much, but what if I added 20 or 100 more pages to this site with various product ads? What if I did this with various sites and make a commission here and a commission there. It slowly ads up and if diligently pursued, can add up to a nice monthly part time income, or even a full time living.

I have told you that my goal is to bring my internet marketing income up to $100 a day. This will be from Google Adsense ads, affiliate marketing links, selling ebooks and information, and any other IM technique I discover that makes sense to pursue.

Today I am so busy making a living selling on Ebay that I barely have time to think about IM, but I am trying to make time for writing content for my websites.

Sharon and I really need to increase our income again. Our business landlord just raised the rent $116 and that is on top of $84 less than a year ago. We either have to make more selling on Ebay or make more with our websites. Either one could easily cover our added expenses if we consistantly apply ourselves.



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