Friday, September 09, 2005

In Two Weeks We Will Be Camping

In two weeks, I’ll be writing this blog from Lake San Antonio, California.  WOW! How time flies.  If you haven’t been to a small rally of 10 to 30 or 50 rigs, you should look into and see if there are rallies in your area.  These are not sponsored rallies. They are camping trips put together by one of the forum members who says, “Who wants to meet for a camping trip in late October”?  Other’s join in and you have a rally of 5 or 50 rigs meeting at a campground for a weekend of potluck dinners and fun.

Yesterday, I just put up another page on RV Living Magazine. Mortgage refinance. If you have a mortgage rate that is 2 percent higher than the current interest rate you need to look into refinancing. It can save you a lot of money. I know we put off things until it is too late.  This is one you need to take care of soon since interest rates keep climbing. 

All of this activity is paying off.  If yesterdays internet income continues at the current rate, I should be making $400 a month my the end of this month.  You say that is not a lot of money. You think it can’t be worth the time for so little.  Let’s get this in perspective.  This income represents lots of days of not working and maybe 2 to 3  hours a day of actual work when I do work.  When you do a day’s work, you get paid for that day. If your do not work one day, you don’t get paid — OK sick leave or vacation time, but you lose one day of that.  With internet website development income, you get paid for todays work over and over and over again.  What you create today may be generating income 5 months from now or 5 years from now.

OK, Monday I will give you the top 4 courses I have purchased and my opinion of each of them.  I have purchased  at least a dozen different programs, some of which I haven’t studied yet.  I am trying to distill the best of them into what I am doing.  My purpose in website development is to generate an income for full-timing. I do not want to workcamp when we go full-timing. I also don’t want to worry about  gas prices or how we will cover a major repair job.  I sincerely believe this is very possible with online websites where you don’t ever handle a product.

Once I have my sites optimized and am making enough for our full-timing goal, I will write a course myself.  Each course I read has shortcomings.  They assume too much, or they are too complicate. Some overkill, and others underkill.  Some offer lots of example and some offer none.  In addition to the courses you can buy, there are free courses and information available it you look for them.



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