Saturday, March 12, 2005

Mar 12, '05 Kelly's Beach -- We Are Camping

Good Morning from Kelly's beach. It is beautiful and sunny here at the rally. It is a great group with about 25 rigs. RVing in a group is really fun. It just adds another dimension to camping.

Our carburetor tune-up was a success. We gain 50% on our mileage. Our MPG went from 4 to 6 MPG. That will save us quite a bit in fuel costs.

Driving up here we were about 150 miles from home and I told my wife to call my son and his wife. We were on the freeway in Bakersfield. My son lives about 50 miles from there. My wife got my daughter-in-law on the phone. She said she was in Bakersfield at the mall at Ming Rd. Sharon looked up and the next off ramp was Ming. WOW! We got off, drover a few blocks to the mall and got to see our "daughter" and our 9 month old granddaughter.

This is really turning out to be a terrific trip. We almost did not come. I am so glad we did.

I hope this does not double post again. Blogger goofed and gave me an error page the first time.


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