Monday, February 07, 2005

Feb 7, '05 Cold At Lake San Antonio

Sharon just checked the current weather at San Antonio Lake. Night time temperatures are just above freezing. It sure is nice that they have electrical hookups and we have a forced air furnace in the Bounder. I bought a Wave 8 catalytic heater. I wonder if I have time to get the propane hoses and get it hooked up. Another project! HMMmmmmmmmmm! I am sure we will be warm at the SAL rally, but it would be nice to get the Wave heater hooked up.

Another project is getting our MaxxAir fan hooked up. I did research on and the MaxxAir fan seemed to be ahead of the Fantastic Fan in popularity.

We got the Wave8 Heater and MaxxAir fan at Camping World. Click our link to check their prices Camping World Internet Only Specials

I was impressed with what the TiogaRV team said about the Wave Heaters. Also they are praised in the forum. Here is the heater we bought. Just click on the picture to get one for yourself.

Less than two week until we go on the Lake San Antonio Rally, but I have the camping itch now. I think Lincoln's Birthday or Valentine's Day would be a good time to get out again. I like the idea of being committed to getting out more often.


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