Monday, May 02, 2005

Still Have Bees

This morning when I checked, we still had bees.  I have sprayed more wasp spray where there entrance is. I have also set off a “bug bomb” in the small attic area where they might be nesting.  I know where they go in, but there are a couple directions they can go so the bomb may not have done any good.  However, there are fewer bees than there was a while ago. 

Of course there are probably a few hundred out collecting pollen, so they miss out on the bug bomb and spraying.  They are right out where I need to work on the motorhome and where we get into our garage units.  Sorry but you bees have to go.

So, how did we do last month?  I am telling you we want to make a living on the internet without products we have to inventory.  The problem last month is that I didn’t add content to my websites.  I only added a couple pages.  In other words, I did not not work to make any money. HOWEVER, this works based on what you did in the past as well as what you do to day.  April’s income was still $196 which is a small increase over the previous month. 

That is not much money when you are talking about an income.  The thing is I didn’t do anything to earn it last month.  My work was in previous months.  If I would quit procrastinating and get to work, maybe I could make it increase faster. 

Actually, I am not that concerned about it.  I am primarily in the study mode right now.  This is like going to school to learn a trade.  The difference being that I get paid along the way for learning.  I am sure that by the time we go full timing, I should have this up to a living wage for a full timer.



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