Monday, October 31, 2005

Camping In Winter

We are very fortunate to live in a state where we can comfortably camp all year long.  There is no “off season” for camping here.  In the forum I keep reading about people going on their last camping trip of the year.  I read about winterizing their rigs.  Our last day of camping this year will probably be New Year’s Eve.  Then we will start the New Year camping season on New Year’s Day at the same campground. 

Other than the rallies we go to we almost never make reservations to camp.  We just go.  The exception to that will be Thanksgiving.  We do have reservations to camp with another couple we met on  This will be out second Thanksgiving camping.  It really is a fun way to spend a holiday. 

Sometimes people talk about how RVs get crammed into RV parks side by side.  They say there is hardly room to breath with everyone so close together.

I guess tent campers have the same problem
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