Sunday, November 20, 2005

Broken RV Steps

I still have not repaired the bent step from our last outing. I was hoping to get it done before this camping trip, but since it works, it became a low priority project. One of my problems is I give a lot of project a low priority when in reality if I just did them they would only take an hour or two. The step repair should be 2 hours at the most.

OH well. Only two more days until we head out to Thornhill Broom for our Tue-Friday Thanksgiving camping. I sure am not going to worry about unfinished projects at this late date. Sharon and I are really looking forward to these days off.

Yes, I am still exercising. It is still 30 minutes on the exercise bike and about 7-10 minutes with the two 10 pound weights. I am stuck in the 208 pound area. I keep eating too much. I need to concentrate on the eating part so I can start losing again. More salads and fewer snacks.

Today is Farmer’s Market day again. Time for more fresh veggies and of course strawberries. It is a gorgeous sunny and warm day so it will be very nice over at the harbor.

As dirty as our motorhome carpet gets, even with some 6-foot long runners, I am thinking of getting a 2-foot wide carpet runner that will go from the front to the rear of the motorhome. Our kitchen is carpeted and every dip, drop and spill shows up. I wonder why they carpet kitchens.

Yesterday we went to a sale at a local clothing store and they had a NASCAR race car out front.  At one point they fired up the engine. I have NEVER heard anything louder than that car revving up.  It was absolutely louder than any thing I can ever remember hearing.  That is a 750 horsepower engine under that hood. 

Would you like to drive a race car?  Do a Google search and you can buy a street legal one.  Chevy, Camaro is coming out with a 700 horsepower edition.  Not cheap, but MORE POWER!

Nascar #17


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