Friday, July 28, 2006

Lost Power

I forgot to tell you that we lost power on the same day I talked about power losses in California.  Ours was due to workers errors with a backhoe.  We lost power for about 1 hour.  Actually two areas in Oxnard has power losses due to workers negligence.  I wonder how much money is lost in a one hour power loss.  A large number of businesses were affected. since our outage was in an industrial area.  Even McDonalds was closed.

The sky has high clouds today and the temperature is a little cooler.  Of course it is 80 degrees in our office first thing this morning.  It was also stuffy in here.  I guess our higher humidity did that. 

We are caught up on the rent and bills.  We could pay our rent that is due on the 7th today.  This is a good feeling.  We are slowly getting a little bit ahead.  This is important if we want to go camping and to rallies. 

Our county fair starts next week and we want to go twice.  Bobby Vinton will be performing and Charlie Daniel’s Band will be too.  Each concert is free with the price of admission. 

Next month is also special in another way.  August 12th will be our 40th wedding anniversary.  We are still in love. We still like each other and are best friends. 


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