Saturday, April 16, 2005

Back To Work -- SOON -- Lazy Days

The lazy days are coming to an end. I really need to get back to work. First there was the ship going aground, then the rally and then taxes. In that time I did very little money making work. I need to get back to work.

Of course today we are going to the BBQ and try to win tickets for the cruise. Tomorrow we need to go to the Farmer's Market. Monday and Tuesday we are thinking of going up to the desert to see the wild flowers. I do plan to get back to work soon.

Then on top of that I need to get the motorhome back firing problem solved, either check it myself or take it back to the mechanic who worked on the carburetor. I would also like to get the brake system we bought installed on our truck and then get the hitch and tow brackets so we can tow the truck to the next rally in San Diego next month.

In four and a half weeks we head to the San Diego rally which includes a tour of the aircraft carrier Midway. You can learn about this ship and the tours at The Midway

We will also be touring the sailing ship “Star Of India”.  Built in 1863, she is the oldest active sailing ship in the world.  You can even arrange to have a wedding aboard her. Take a look at Star Of India

HMMMmmmmmmmm!!! There does not seem like a lot of time for all these things and work too. I guess I need to get my priorities straight.  Have fun or make money, or squeeze both in together.


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