Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Strawberries WONDERFUL Smell

Every day we walk Poky around two blocks.  One of those blocks is primarily produce packing houses.  The two things they handle are celery and strawberries.  Each time a flat bed farm truck loaded with strawberries drives by us, we can smell the strawberries.  It is a great fragrance to start the day, or any time of day. 

Oxnard, California grows strawberries 12 months out of the year.  We can always get fresh strawberries.  It really is nice living where there is such a temperate climate.  Our year round average temperature is 77 degrees.  In the winter it will occasionally get down to the high 30’s.  It does freeze here once in a while but very seldom.  The farmers have wind machines to move air to keep strawberries from freezing, but I have never seen them going in the 6 years we have lived here on the coast.  Summer may get a couple 90 degree days, a number of mid 80’s days but it never really gets hot.

We have been to our county fair which is right next to the ocean.  At the night time outdoor concerts we have had heavy coats, gloves and stocking caps on in EARLY AUGUST.  I am alway hot, and even I was glad to be dressed warmly. 

This brings up an important point in full-timing.  Follow the weather.  Stay where the temperature is closest to what you enjoy the most.  Stay cool on the coast or up in the mountains here in the west.  This is Sharon and my goal.  South in the winter and north in the summer. 

If you wonder about what our full-timing plan is, we think we want to start our by going north from Southern California up into Oregon, Washington and then up to Alaska.  Come back down and drive across Canada.  AND THEN —— follow the fall colors down the east coast. 

Do you think we should start getting the maps out and travel brochures and really get into this?  Maybe if we did that it would put more urgency into getting going sooner.  Maybe it would light the fire under us that would get us out of this warehouse.  Are you close enough to retirement to make some plans on what you will be doing.  Maybe you should start a few years ahead. Who knows, it may make sense for you to go full-timing too.


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