Thursday, February 23, 2006

Forgot The Wet Mat

I think we need a check list while camping.  A specific notebook we check regularly.  This past weekend was rainy and our mat is still stored in a compartment as wet as when it went in.  Things do not get moldy here at he beach, but there could be a first time with a mat stored in plastic bags.

We have three mats.  One is indoor outdoor soft carpet we bought when we first got the motorhome.  The next is one of the standard RV patio mats, a jute looking plastic mat.  The next is an inexpensive beach mat. The beach mat is about 3 feet wide and 6 feet long.  It is one of those roll up ones you lay on the sand with.  This smaller mat is convenient when it is rainy and we aren’t out on the “patio”.  It is also good at the beach after we put the big mat away.  We put this by the door to help cut down the sand we track in. 

Two weeks and counting until our next camping trip/rally.  All of this camping is like having mini-vacations throughout the year.  Each getaway is a refreshing change from day to day life.

Due to various financial reasons we have not had an actual vacation since a two week vacation in 1993.  We have only been on camping trips in the last two years since we bought the motorhome.  The longest we have been out in the motorhome is 5 days.   5 days is the closest thing to a vacation we have had in well over a decade.  Something is wrong with this picture.

Maybe this is part of the reason we would like to go full timing and travel around the country.  An excuse to make up for all of the vacations we have missed over the last number of years.


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