Tuesday, November 01, 2005

November 1 -- 2 Months To Go

WOW! It is the first of November already, and only two months left in this year. I am amazed at how time flies by. There is no way to slow it down, so I guess we need to use it as best we can when we have it.

Of course that means go camping as often as you can. Get out in your RV and have a good time as many times during the year as possible. We are trying to camp more often, but life seems to get in the way at times. Things like making a living just don’t seem to want to go away. Actually now that I work for myself, I enjoy work as I never have in the past. It is much easier working for ME than working for a boss.

I was charging my motorhome house battery yesterday and it boiled over when I put the charger at a 20 amp charge rate. I guess I need to keep it down at 10 amps to prevent this. Normally it doesn’t hiss and spit at 20 amps, but it sure did this time. I will have to check the water levels in each cell before we head out camping tomorrow.

Some time today I need to get a load of firewood loaded into the Bounder. Maybe I told you we bought a pallet load from our local lumberyard for $10. It is cut off pieces of lumber. It isn’t long lasting like oak logs, but it does burn nicely. I pack my firewood in large heavy duty plastic bags. Sharon is sewing some different bags made of restaurant seat upholstery material. These are easy to carry and I just put them in the motorhome isle until we get to the campground.

Nothing like sitting around an evening campfire Camp Fire


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