Thursday, February 03, 2005

Feb 3, '05 Need To Wash The MH

Today I have been reading up on making a living online. It is a process of creating websites and making money off of them. This is a slow process to start, but like a snowball on a hill, it gains momentum as you keep adding content to the sites you are creating.

I am convinced Sharon and I will make a living that is more than adequate to full-time in comfort from our different online activities. If you have not seen the main start of our endeavor, check out the free e-book at FREE making money online e-book It tells you everything you need to know and does not require you to buy anything.

Tomorrow is Sharon's birthday. The weather is sunny and bright, but windy today. We are going whale watching tomorrow, IF the wind is not a problem. They cancel trips if the wind is too high or sea is too rough.

We bought a Black and Decker cordless power scrubber called a, "Scum Buster". It is made for use in the shower and can even be submersed in water while in use. I am going to try it for cleaning the motorhome. The old Bounder is in sad need of a washing. Lots of black marks or streaks on the sides.

If all else fails Sharon found a local guy who will wash it for about $40. He does big rig trucks for about $80. That may actually be the right way to go. It would probably be cheaper for him to do it than me, since time is money and time I spend doing that would be time I was not working on my internet activities.


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