Monday, December 05, 2005

Great Weekend --Beautiful Day

We had a great weekend at my son’s home visiting with him and his lovely wife and our delightful granddaughter.  Now we are back home and it is a beautiful day here.  It was COLD up there in the mountains and here is is pleasant.  I walked Poky in a short sleeved shirt this morning. 

Yes, I am still exercising, but not losing weight. In fact I’m at 213 pounds this morning.  Over eating and eating out too much on trips like this do not help.  OH WELL!  I am still exercising and I think that is more important than worrying about weight.  Ultimately the weight will come off.  I used to have a hard time lifting 7 pound weights for 30 repetitions. Now I am doing fine with 60 repetitions with 10 pound weights.  Surely some of my weight must have moved from fat to muscle.  I still ride the exercise bike for 30 minutes, which is 9 miles a day.

I hope some of you are getting a little more exercise along with me.  My goal is to become more physically fit and eventually get down to 155 pounds.  Physically fit is more important than the weight lose. It took me a lot of years to build up my weight. I’m not worried about it talking a little time to lose it.


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