Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Flat Tire

Last night I was getting ready to go camping today.  I checked the tires. One was totally flat.  Luckily we have a good truck tire place a block away.  Luckier yet it was just a leaky valve stem and only cost $15.63 to get it fixed.  I gave the guy who did the work a $5 tip.  Sharon is final packing and we will be ready to take off.

I lubed the stabilizer jacks last night and the sticky one seems to be working much better now.  It came down OK, it just didn’t retract easily.  They retract by spring tension and release of pressure in the hydraulic line, so sticky joints is the problem with ours.

Remember, I bent my steps moving the Bounder when I got the carburetor rebuild.  I straightened them, but every once in a while they stick and don’t completely close.  That happened on the way to the tire place today.  I heard a scraping noise twice on the way over there. It was the step scraping.  Luckily it didn’t bend any.  If I spray oil the joints regularly, it works fine, but it still may stick once in a while.


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