Wednesday, March 29, 2006

HOTT ROD Water Heater

On our last rally we drove through the city of Bakersfield. I told you about Camping World and the huge warehouse, 2 acres, that they are in.  While we were there I saw a Hott Rod electric RV water heater on sale.  It has been waiting for me to install it.  Actually, I forgot all about it until Sharon said she would like it installed before the next rally.  The next rally is only about 10 days away.

We figured that when we are hooked up at campgrounds it would be good to use their electricity to heat the water instead of our propane. Plus, we still have to manually light the water heater, so this will be more convenient. Take a look a them by clicking one of the links below.

Lightning Rod for 6 Gallon Water Heaters  
Lightning Rod for 10 Gallon Water Heaters

I guess the reason the Hott Rod was on sale was because they were changing to the Lightning Rod.  They both do the same job.  Installation looks very easy. I will tell you about it when I get it done.

It sure poured rain yesterday.  I think that one one of the hardest rains we have had this rainy season.  Rain is fine, it just slows down camping plans.  I look forward to a sunny weekend for the rally. 


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