Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Jan 25, '05 Procrastinating Again

I did not get the tanks emptied yesterday as planned. Life just gets in the way sometimes, or is that procrastination. So, this brings up a good tip. We eat dinner in the motor home every night Sharon does the dishes in plastic tubs she puts in the sink. Normally she just dumps the tubs in the sink she is using. When the gray tank get close to full, she takes the plastic tubs and dumps them in the toilet.

For some reason RV manufacturers make the black tank larger than the gray tank. However, the gray tank fills up first. You can extend you stay when dry camping by disposing of some of your sink water in the toilet. Instead of 4 days in the forest, you may get 5 or 6 days using this technique.

Below is what I have to fix. The hose is too long for where it is used. The aluminum tube cover broke because of the long hose. I tied it up using plastic tie bands, but it fell again. By the end of the week, this job will be done.

Maybe I will do this job this afternoon. I would sure like to take the motorhome out for a day trip this week. Spend a day at the beach again.

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