Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bee Problem Is Solved

I am sort of saddened by this project.  I have nothing against honey bees. They do not bother Sharon or I even if they land on us.  When my kids were in 6th to 8th grade we played the “Bee Game”.  We had a type of juniper tree in our front yard that sparkled with sap at one time of year.  The honey bees loved to collect that nectar.  Our game was to find a bee and cup our hands around it and gently pull it off of the tree.  We would have a bee cupped in out hands, announce we had one and let it go. 

The “Bee Game” went on for 2 or 3 years until one time my youngest son got stung.  It was the first sting and the end of the game. 

One of yesterday’s bees
One bee

My problem with these bees is they decided to make my place their home.  That is not going to happen.  I emptied two cans of hornet spray into their entrance over two days. I sprayed the bees in the air.  If that was not enough, I set off a bug bomb in the closed attic area over the garage.  By afternoon their were more bees than ever buzzing around the entrance to the hive. 

No amount of poison seemed to work  A friend said that soapy water sprayed on bees would get into their breathing tubes and drown them.  I bought a pump pesticide sprayer and filled it with water and Dawn dish washing soap.  I may have drowned a few bees, but all I saw was wet bees. I even sprayed them with water from the hose. 

Next I brought our my “secret weapon”.  Yes, for now it is secret.  I am convinced that it could be patented and be a very useful tool in a number of industries.  Non toxic and fairly fast working. 

Here is the result — The ground below the hive
Dead bees

Before that I may have seen a half a dozen dead bees in the two days we have been on this project.  Today, we checked and there is not a bee flying around the hive entrance.  Maybe it is too early and they are not awake yet. However, they are history.  My “secret weapon” is deployed still and they  do not stand a chance.

Between Sharon and I and messing around with the bees, only I got stung once in the head.  One got into my hair and I touched it.  It stung a little bit. Sharon put some “Sting Eze” on it and even the small amount of stinging went away.  You can get “Sting Eze” as most drug stores. We have used it for years and find it very effective.


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