Friday, December 23, 2005

Bear Valley Springs For Christmas

Sharon, Poky and I are heading to Bear Valley Springs for Christmas.  This is my youngest son’s home.  As our granddaughters get older and recognize more of the world around them and understand it better, it is more fun seeing their responses to things.

Again, we won’t be taking the Bounder. It sure would be nice to be able to take the motorhome to more places for short trips.  It is always fun to have our home on wheels with us.

One of our flowering plants we bought at the farmer’s market a while back is still blooming profusely.  Pretty dark pink flowers to brighten dinner in the Bounder each evening.  We have a single tea candle burning during our meal.  This one is in a pretty red glass heart.  Maybe it is not Valentines Day, but the heart signifies love and seem very appropriate.

Yes, I am still exercising almost daily. I have missed 4 days this month.  Weight wise, I’m still stuck in the 207 pound range.  Luckily I am exercising or this holiday season may have added pounds.  I have bounced around 206 to 213 and back down for the last month or so.  Remember my exercise and weight loss started May 1, 2005.  I have a lot more stamina and can more easily do the exercises I have chosen.  I think I may have to actually start paying stricter attention to what I eat.  Less donuts, beer and sweets, but more salads, fish and chicken.

Countdown is now one week until camping again.  At this time next week we should be at the beach in the motorhome.  We will spend the  New Year camping.  I am looking forward to it again this year. 

This just made me think, we are going on having the Bounder two years because this will be our second New Year’s Eve camping in it. Actually it won’t be two years of ownership until  March, but the New Year coming made me think of it.



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