Sunday, October 16, 2005

Brght Lights, Night Lights And Sleep

Sharon does not like bright lights at night when sleeping, but does like a night light to see in case she needs to get up for some reason.  I don’t mind light that much, but dim is better than bright for sleeping.  When we have power at a campground our LED night lights give off a soft glow and we easily find our way around the RV.  When we do not have hookups a single glow stick bracelet hanging on the bathroom mirror is plenty of light to see by.

We have an article in RV Living Magazine that talks about our use of glow sticks for lighting. Read it at Glow Stick Lighting We buy the glow bracelets by the box of 100.

I was hoping to get a number of things done before Thursday, when we leave for the Monster Mash Rally.  They will have to wait. I am running out of time to do all the things we need to do plus what I want to do.  There is work I need to get done, some things I would like to buy, but won’t get out to find and incidental things I need to do around the warehouse.   I am getting better at utilizing time, but still need to improve more.



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