Wednesday, September 27, 2006

We Are On A Roll

I told you about the military surplus inventory we bought.  Based on weights listed on boxes we bought over two two tons, plus a lot more.  We have already doubled our money over what we paid for all of it.  From this point forward it is all gravy — pure profit. Sharon and I are very pleased with this purchase. 

This could not have come at a better time.  This month we had a number of periodic bills come due, like auto insurance, AAA (auto club) and one more I cannot think of at the moment (CRS – Cannot Remember Stuff).

In spite of this good fortune the Bounder is still sitting out back and we do not have plans of camping for a while more. We are still putting in long hours seven days a week to get back to a comfortable financial level.

Many people are interested in full timing and finding a way to increase income when you are on a fixed income is essential to living comfortably on the road.  I highly recommend you looking into Ebay and internet marketing as ways of increasing your monthly income. 

Workamping is one way of making a budget go farther, but you are tied to a J-O-B again.  Online enterprises can go anywhere you go and can be done in California today and Arizona tomorrow without missing a beat. 

Our efforts are all part of our plans for traveling in our motorhome.  Poor planning on our part has delayed our ambitions, but we are steadily working toward the day we can chuck it all and be on the road. 

Driving home at night we have seen flames on the mountains from the fire near us. It has been going for three weeks now.  So far it has not burned any homes, just a few out buildings.  As I told you before, we are not and will not be in any danger regardless of where the fire goes. 




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