Thursday, April 13, 2006

Testing Our Resolve

Each of our activities lately seems to be testing our resolve to get busy, make some money, and move on in our lives.  I should have my taxes done already.  They will be done today or tomorrow. 

I don’t know about you, but I have need a constant motivating factor to keep me going.  I need a good reason to keep an activity going at full steam.  Tax deadlines are in incentive to work.  A boss at a regular job is a reason to work the required amount. 

Sharon and I are trying to use full timing to keep us motivated to do the most we can to achieve that goal.  Full timing for us means going with more than Social Security to fund our fun and travels.  If you have a good enough reason, many things become easier.  We are looking for more reasons to work harder and faster toward our goals.

This morning while riding the exercise bike, I was reading a book that talked about the Pareto Principle which is that old 80/20 rule.  It state you 80% of your value from 20% of an activity.  You get 20% of you activity will yield 80% of your results.  It had me thinking that we need to try to spend more of our time in the 20%. 

Our 20% that we get the most value from at the moment is selling on Ebay.  With that in mind we need to accelerate our efforts in that area to make money today and work only 20% of our time on internet marketing where I really want to be when we go on the road.

Everything is a trade off. To spent time with the family talking around a board game at the kitchen table means you have to give up some TV time.  Each thing we do means we cannot do something else.  So, the need to do the most important things, the 20% more often.




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