Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Getting Ready To Go Camping

The sun is shining and the weather forecast for the next few days is more of the same. We are getting ready to go camping tomorrow morning. Two days and one night of camping. I am looking forward to to this little bit of time off after all we have been doing lately.

We will camp at the campground that is right on the beach. The ocean will be less than 100 yards across the beach from our door. Great beach weather and sand under my feet. Life if good.

Are you full swing into camping now? I hope the area you are in is just about ideal for camping now. Not too cold and not to hot. That is what is nice here in California, camping all year ‘round. Also, here at the beach it is cool all year around.

We are getting better and better at increasing our Ebay income. It is simply a matter of doing it without getting bogged down by mental blocks. We know what we are doing on Ebay, it is just a matter of dealing with old inventory that you have to get more creative to sell. The hardest part is deciding what to sell. By picking items that sell for more we do not have to work as hard. By listing anything regardless of price we get rid of stuff and overcome our mental blocks of indecisiveness.


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