Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Motorhome Door "Fixed"

Hopefully I found the problem with the Bounder door and I hope the door is fixed.  Actually, I found the problem, but don’t know the cause.  The hole the door dead bolt slides into has a metal guard to protect the hole and reinforce the opening.  That no longer aligned with the dead bolt as it slide into the hole.  Moving the guard made the door lock easily.

I am guessing that as an RV goes down the road the entire body twists and turn to some degree.  As time goes by doors and other things get slightly out of alinment and you need to compensate for this.  I know that as I make turnes and hit pot holes the motorhome stresses in this direction and that direction. 

There are not a lot of things I can write about on a daily basis here.  Since we don’t go camping every week and are not constantly doing things to the motorhome, I sometimes am at a loss for what to write about.

Since we want to go full timing, one of our greatest needs is an ongoing income other than Social Security.  I think that a lot of what I will be talking about in here are the various ways of earning money part time or full time from home or on the road.  Since I do not want another boss, my topics will be about creating an income from the internet.  I have a lot of information that could be helpful to anyone wanting to work from home WITHOUT joining some multilevel sales marketing company or investing thousands of dollars in some get rich quick scheme.  I need to think this out.  I need to figure out what would be the best way to help someone just getting started.


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