Monday, June 20, 2005

Bounder Repaired Let's Hope It Lasts

I took the Bounder to the mechanic. He fixed the dipstick tube problem. I was talking to one of his "mechanics" I asked him how long he had been working there. He said 2 weeks. I asked how long he'd been working on cars. "About a year". He is 17 years old. AND you wonder why you cannot get good quality repair work done.

Anyway, the motorhome is running well since heat riser or whatever it is called is attached to the air cleaner again. No backfiring or loss of power. I hope it stays this way.

Do you know where we are?
Sharon At The Beach

The mechanic is in Ventura, California only about 2 or 3 miles from one of our favorite local day camping places. Since we are out in the motorhome and close to the beach it makes sense to enjoy the waves and sand for a while.

HMMMMMmmmmm!! It is about a mile south of here to the campground, Emma Woods. We stopped at a market and bought steaks to BBQ and a bundle of firewood. Do you think we should spend the the night? I mean since we are so close and plan to spend all day here anyway.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day today. Sunny and clear. June along the coast is often overcast in the morning. It is "beach warm" which means a warm day, but not hot. We seldom get days that are hot here. Even in the middle of summer, it stays fairly cool. Most summer days are in the high 70s. Once in a while it will hit 90, but not often.

OK, decision made. This calls for a night of camping. That wasn't hard at all. Sharon and Poky think it is a good idea too.


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