Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mother's Day Weekend

OK, there went my plans.  It is Mother’s Day weekend.  My youngest son, his wife and our granddaughter are coming this evening.  They will stay overnight and we will go to the Santa Barbara Zoo tomorrow. 

We had no plans for the weekend other than working.  It is good to be able to work, even on Mother’s Day when you are in a bind and need to get farther ahead of the wolves and others seeking your money.  It is also good to take off to be with family.  I am sort of glad they are coming and we will be away from here for a while.

I think we will postpone our trip to the beach a week or so.  One day off at a time is enough.  We will get propane in the morning, but we will return to the office and park out back. 

Since we are actually working at survival now, some things need to be adjusted and yet we still need some parts of a “normal” life.  Camping is part of what we need to do to get away.  We will go camping this month, just later in the month when we are sure of our month’s income. 

There is no doubt we will earn enough, BUT until it is in the bank it is hard to count it.  So, the thing to do is be sure we make the money before we spend it. 


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