Monday, April 24, 2006

Good News!

Since we have to be out of here by the end of the week, we got a little more serious about looking today.  We looked at two places.  One was a room in a private home for $800 a month.  Actually two rooms with full house privileges.  The other was part of a house converted into two “apartments.  GOOD NEWS!  We took the second on on a six month lease for $800 a month. 

The place we are renting has a kitchenette, gas stove, refrigerator and a large living room. A hallway leads into the bed room  The rent was advertised at $900 a month, but with a 6 month lease $800.  We are happy about this place. 

Now we have to get more serious about making more money in our business to cover the added rent.  OH, the rent includes utilities, a gardener for the front lawn and cable TV.  The only extra we will have to pay is for a phone if we want one other than the cell phone.

YIKES! Driving to see this place we went by a number of gas stations.  $2.999 to $3.179 per gallon.  I think most of our camping in the motorhome is going to be within 30 miles of home for a while.  Gas prices alone would have slowed us down a little, but with extra rent and gas prices it means fewer far away trips.



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