Friday, January 27, 2006

Shurflo Pump Working, BUT.....

I got the Shurflo water pump put back together AGAIN, after forgetting to put a part in.  I put silicone seal around the edges to seal it.  It works, the same as before.  I have to use a water hose to prime the pump.  Once primed it works, but it will not draw water from the tank when it is dry.  10 years old and it is time for a new one.

Saturday we will get the new one at Camping World.  It is always a mystery at how much stuff you can leave Camping World with when you only go in for one or two items. 

Three weeks from today we will be heading to Lake San Antonio for the next rally.  I am anxiously awaiting that trip.  The SAL rally is always a good one, even in the rain.

Are you wondering about our fulltiming plans?  Well, it feels like we will never get out of  this warehouse.  It is going on one year since we decided we’d like to travel the country for a while.  A year later we are no closer to getting rid of this warehouse than we were when we first decided to. 

Sharon and I have been talking about this.  People who are full timing talk about making an exit plan in case things happen that they can not or do not want to fulltime any longer.  We need an exit plan for this warehouse.  We need a written plan with measurable check points that tell us we are moving forward.

I think too often we put our lives on autopilot and then go on living as if our autopilot is always correct.  I see that as more or less what we are doing.  We are trusting an autopilot and not checking the results regularly.  We have put a lot of notes and goals on paper, but in a autopilot manner. We don’t check back to be sure we are on course.

We need to sit down together and specify how much time will be spent each day working toward each of the goals we have set in our lives.  Instead of leaving things to chance each month  we need to measure what that month has meant toward our success.  We have business goals, health goals, personal goals, fulltiming goals, but they are rather fuzzy and indistinct. 

I hope your dreams and goals are clear and you are heading toward them.  If not, join us in trying to come up with measurable plans to get where you want to go. 


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