Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Last Day Preparation For Camping

This is a tough day each time we go camping. There is last day preparation for camping, but I also have to keep working at whatever business project I am on. This puts most of the burden for getting ready to go on Sharon.  It is a good thing the motorhome is parked out back all of the time and is mostly packed ready to camp all of the time. 

Sharon has to do last minute grocery shopping and I have to do a couple things to prep the Bounder.  I need to check tires, fluids and a few other normal travel checks. 

We have two expanding rods in our shower/tub area in the RV.  If we hang too many clothes on hangers on them they will fall down. Last night I put in two clothes closet rod end pieces on them to hold them up.  I do not know what you call the pieces but the rods now rest in them.  I screwed the holders to the shower walls.

The weather forecast for the place we are camping was at 20% rain, but has increased to 30% chance of rain for Thursday through Sunday, the days we will be there.  Normally rain is not a problem, but this campground is “parking on the grass”.  There are no RV pads or “slots” of gravel or hard dirt to park on.  Regardless of the weather, it should be fun.

Sharon to the rescue again. She just found the wire I need to install our propane leak detector.  At the moment I am not going to mount it anywhere in particular. I am going to set it on the floor near the refrigerator until I can figure out how to mount it so it is not in the way all the time.  Built in detectors mount flush to the wall with no protrusions. This is a small box and would be easy to kick.

Since propane is heavier than air, it will sink down to the floor if there is a leak.  It is important to have a propane detector located a floor level. 


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