Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sweating Bullets To Pay The Rent

My income is up and I can breath easier. The rent is paid, but we sweated bullets to get it paid this week. I am so tired of this monthly struggle to get things done. Most of it is my fault for not working hard enough at the beginning of each month.

It is almost as if I get pleasure out of working under pressure, but I can tell you that it sure does not feel like pleasure.

When the rent, bills are paid and the needed packing materials for out business purchased we should be $1000 ahead for the coming month. $400 of that will go to our California sales tax bill that is now overdue and will require a 10% penalty. It was due January 31 and at that time I did not have the money, and now I am ahead.

What is it that makes us work better under pressure than when the pressure is off. I did that in school. Left reports until the last minute to write them and worried about how well I would do. I always squeaked in under the wire and came out OK.

There are too many things I put off until the very last moment and rush like crazy to get it done.

I am working on motivation and moving in a direction that helps fix this ongoing RUSH problem. I am looking forward to working continuously during the month instead of mainly a spurt when the bills are due.


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