Thursday, January 06, 2005

Jan 6, '05 Cold Today -- Finish Caulking

It is California cold this morning. On our 1/2 mile walk I started out wishing I had a pair of gloves. At the end I finished walking by taking of my light long sleeve shirt and walking in short sleeves. I'm back in front of a fan cooling off. Sharon still has a sweater on over two layers and is "just right". Yesterday I prepped the motorhome windows for caulking them. Today I do the actual caulking job. The weather forecast is for LOTS more rain. The radio says that if you need sand bags, get them now. Luckily we aren't in an area that floods. Today Blogger isn't working again. So far Blogger hasn't answered my email asking for a solution to the problem. I will upload this page myself. I think I'll look for an alternative to Blogger. This is the problem with programs that do the work for you. They are in control of what happens and if there is a problem you are at their mercy. I prefer being in charge of my own page uploads. The thing with Blogger is they automatically update all the history files and archive you pages automatically. A big time saver, WHEN IT WORKS. Well, I got my 2 windows caulked and it went so fast I did two more. Next clear weather I'll do some more.

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