Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Getting Ready To Go Camping

Today we will do all the little things that get us ready to go camping. I will print my check list and start going down the columns be sure we have everything.  We have found that a check list is important to us. Our list keeps us from forgetting things. I have forgotten my camera and phone cables in the past.  OK, by tonight I will put the check list we us on the internet.  I just put the list in the RV template I use and now I have to format it. 

Of course, check tire pressure, oil and battery water are part of getting ready to go.  So far every time we check tire pressure, it is always up where it should be.  We run our pressure for 95 pounds per tire.  This is what it should be for the weight of our motorhome and its contents.  We have had it weighed so we know the proper inflation for our tires. There are online tire pressure charts.  Go to the website for your tire brand and see if you can find yours.

As soon as I finish the blog, I need to go work in one of our garages.  I buried the bicycles behind some equipment a while ago.  I have to rearrange things so they are regularly accessible. We have four single car garages out back. The one we will be working is is by the bee hive entrance.  We still have not seen a single bee out there. 

We are having great weather, so the next two days of camping should be really nice. Southern California seldom has rain in the summer, so our weather is almost always nice.  We do have morning clouds or high fog this time of year, but if usually burns off by noon.  I just had Sharon check the temperature here and Oxnard is 63 degrees at 8:45 a.m. OK, I was being lazy. Here is our temperature button for Oxnard, California.

Click for Oxnard, California Forecast

 I just uploaded our check list to the internet. You can check it out at Bob & Sharon's RV packing List


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