Monday, April 18, 2005

Yesterday we went to the Farmer’s Market and the main thing we got was cat grass.  Cat grass is wheat grass grown in a little tub for cats to eat.  Our large cats loves it. He cries when he sees it. When we set it down, he rubs his face in it and them chomps it.

As we walked through the market, a woman was walking her short haired dogs.  They both looked like they had fox tails.  They also looked like they were puppies. One was 4 years old and the really puppy looking one was 10.  They were shelties.  The owner had finally gotten tired of their winter coats and all the shedding as the weather warmed up. They had been to the groomer a day before.

Sharon and the shelties
Sharon & Shelties

We stopped at the park where the “knights fight”.  I gave them the pictures I had taken. They were impressed and enjoyed me moving them from the park to old castles. If you did not see the pictures, they are at Knights Fighting 

Tomorrow we go up to Antelope Valley and over to the poppy fields. I hope they are in spectacular bloom this year.  In the past we have been there when miles of hills looked like they were made of gold. After the poppies we will head for my son’s home in Bear Valley Springs just outside of Techachipi.


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