Sunday, January 23, 2005

Jan 23, '05 Monarchs & Rincon Still Closed

Saturday we drove over to the park to see the Monarch Butterflies. I imagined hundreds of butterflies, with branches clustered with them. We saw about 100 butterflies the whole time we were there and they were only two or three at a time. Regardless is was a very enjoyable outing.

Monarch Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly

It was very relaxing walking through the park. I told Sharon that we should bring the motorhome to various parks in the area and spend the day. Relax in the park, have the amenities of home and learn more about what it takes to live in a motorhome.

As we walked in the park, Sharon pointed down and told me to look at the tiny dime sized daisy flower growing in the grass. There is a lot of beauty around if we look for it

Tiny Daisy
Tiny Daisy In The Grass

When you were a kid, did they have sour grass where you lived? Below is a picture of sour grass. If you chew on the flower stem, you get a "pucker power" taste. Honey Suckles, sour grass! Oh, the tastes of youth.

Sour Grass
Sour Grass

Yesterday we drove up the coast again. The beach side roads leading to Emma Woods State Campground and Rincon Parkway camping are both still closed. There are signs saying, "Residents Only" at the off ramps leading to the campgrounds. Again, Emma Woods is closed for the season, December through March and Rincon will be closed until the roads are repaired and cleared of debris.

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