Monday, March 27, 2006

Good Decision Not To Go Camping

Our weather forecast is now for flash flood warning in the burn areas (areas where are fires burned away ground cover).  I think it was a good decision not to go camping this week.  It would have just been a stay inside, no campfire type campout.  OK, this is good too, but not my preference. 

All camping is good. It is just that some camping is better than other camping.  I think you will all agree that sunny camping is preferable to rainy camping.

Last night and today; I am doing a full backup of my computer.  I usually back up recent data just before every camping trip.  I take my backup copies with us camping.  I have my full computer data with us each time we are camping.  This way my “computer” is safe in case of a fire or theft while we are away. 

All of my pictures, websites and data are store in the motorhome at all times.  This is my “off site” data storage site.  It pays to back up your computer and store a copy of the backup at a different location that your computer’s location.  In case of fire, tornado, flooding or other disaster, your important work remains safe.

Backing up you computer is always a good idea. Both of my sons lost baby picture they did not back up.  One had his babies birth pictures on his laptop, not back up.  Someone broke into his truck and stole the laptop.  My other son’s laptop died when under warranty. They honored the warranty and replace the computer, without his pictures and data.

CDs, DVDs and even external hards are all excellent ways to back up you computer.  Also, they are all so cheap that you should be sure you back up on a regular basis.


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