Monday, September 04, 2006

Staying Home For A Day

Today is Labor day and we are staying home for a day. A first since we have moved into the house.  Actually, we probably will go to office a little later because we need to feed our cats. They have dry food available, but they also are fed canned food twice a day. 

It is a beautiful day outside, but we are staying in.  This is so different for us, it is almost as good as any day off or any day at any place. As I said, this is our first day at home.  We live a strange life.

My blog has certainly drifted away from RVing. It is more about what is happening in our lives.  Of course we have not been out in the Bounder since April, so there is not much to write about our own RVing experiences.  I am now thinking about ways to bring this blog back to a RVing theme, even when we are not RVing.

Since this is our personal blog, we need to keep Sharon and I in it, but we need to get the blog back on track.


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