Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Brakes Not Done -- Couldn't Lift The Bounder

My rear leveling jacks did not have the range to lift the Bounder off of the ground.  I will have to buy a heavy duty bottle jack to get the brake job done.  I really thought the levelers had the range to get the tires off the ground.  By doing the job myself and saving $700 to $1100, I think I can afford to get a jack to complete the job.

The day wasn’t wasted. I cleaned the terminals to the levelers and made them operate better.  I also cleaned the battery terminals and a few other connections under the hood.  They say a lot of electrical problems in RVs are due to bad grounds and corroded terminals. I cleaned all the terminals just over a year ago, but they are starting to look bad again.

My Atwood electronic start water heater, only starts if I manually light it.  I tried to figure out the problem, but I  am afraid it is the sealed board.  Everything works properly except ignition.  Gas comes on but I don’t get a spark. Gas goes off after not receiving a signal that the burner has ignited. If I manually ignite it, it burns normally.  I tried to find the board on the internet, but they want about $154 for it, so I think I will continue to manual light it for a while.

I dumped my tanks into our sewer connection using a Sewer Solution. It allows you to dump into a garden hose.  A high pressure jet of water from a hose breaks everything up into small particles and flushes it away in another hose.  Even if you are not close to the connection, you can still run the hose a long way and even uphill.

Check it out by clicking the link below the picture

Sewer Solution

We have decided not to go camping this week.  We just figured it out and we will be taking off 8 days this month, 5 of those will be for the Lake San Antonio Rally.  Although it is Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we will arrive on Thursday and when we leave we will take an extra day to get home.  It doesn’t make sense to to spend the money on 100 gallons of gasoline and only go camping for a weekend.

Every time we go on a rally over 100 miles from home we try to add a day or more to the trip to make it more more worth while.  I love camping, but am not on a really high budget so each little thing that saves or makes the trip more worthwhile is an investment in our happiness.


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