Monday, October 23, 2006

PROBLEMS and Then Some

This has been and exciting two days. Starting yesterday I could not send email.  Same thing all day today until about 5 p.m.  At one point I could not even connect to the internet.  This was happening on my computer and Sharon’s. We are having problems and them some.

Next the landlord called.  We need to get a $1 million insurance policy and he wants to do a walk through to see the place (disaster area). 

We are slightly behind in our sales for the month, but will be much farther behind when we have to pay for insurance.  Also our utility bills are due. YIKES!

Sharon and I will have to do a lot of hustle rearranging out “junk” to make the place semi-presentable.  We have been here five years and the landlord has never been inside.  We do not run an organized operation. 

One thing that may save us is the fact we sell on Ebay.  If we really hustle. If we work long hours and work when we are supposed to be working, we should be able to come up with a few hundred dollars extra.

Of course we have to spend the time cleaning up too.  Today I am stressed.  Tomorrow will be better when we can actually start working on work instead of fighting a computer for two days.

Sharon’s computer is still not back online.  I disconnected her connection and the coupling that allows two computers online at the same time (the router).  Tomorrow, maybe, I will get her back online.


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