Friday, April 14, 2006

Resolve Really Required

YIKES!  Yesterday was interesting to say the least.  Yesterday’s blog post was very prophetic and resolve is really required now.  A knock on the office door yield a a city official. The Code Enforcement office asked said he had a complaint and asked if we were living in the warehouse.  We have been living in between the warehouse and motorhome for quite a while now.  It is illegal to live at a business in the city of Oxnard, California. 

We have been given until the end of the month to find another place to live.  Tell me our resolve is not being tested. 

This all started when we were living right at the beach when our business slowed down.  We kept being late on our rent. Never missed a payment but were always late.  The landlord requested we move.  We moved into the warehouse.  Rent is this area is not cheap. Our small two bedroom one bath was $1200 a month plus $2100 rent on the warehouse.

So, was that bad?  NO, it was a good thing he evicted us.  We are tenacious and hang on like bull dogs.  If we had stayed in the house we would have gone bankrupt.  The landlord saved us and our business.

Is living in a warehouse bad?  Yes and no, but we do what you have to do to get by in life.  Sharon and I have been happily married for 39 (40, August 12) years and we get through things together as a team.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  We work through it all.

What effect will this have on our lives?  I think it will have a positive effect.  We are being forced to earn more income to cover the additional expense of rent.  This means I have to actively pursue all I have been talking about over the months gone by.  We will have to work harder, but that is good for us.  We have always felt better when we were working.

The down side of this is that we may have to cut out some rallies for a while and keep all of our camping local.  Rents are not cheap in this area. 

Of course the upside, is that we may get a life again.  We may interact with neighbors and actually gain more than we are losing.  This may be the incentive we need to REALLY begin the move toward full timing. 

There is a saying, “If you get lemons, make lemonade”. I think this is one of those lemons we need to turn into something good.

OH, yes I did finish my taxes yesterday.  Also we cancelled our trip to our son’s home for Easter so we can begin to deal with this new situation.


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