Thursday, July 20, 2006

100% Humidity At The Beach

I do not know what it would mean where you live, but we have 100% humidity at the beach.  Of course the temperature is 63 degrees, so although this should be very uncomfortable weather, it is only slightly so.  Our problem is that the building holds heat and the inside temperature is 78 degrees at 8 in the morning. 

We do not have air conditioning so we have fans going to keep us cooled of.  The warehouse is cooler than the office.  It is 72 degrees just down the hall from my computer.  We have a fan in the door blowing air into the office and a fan in the front window blowing air out.  When it really gets hot, we have a big shop fan the we blow air down the hall from the warehouse.  So far we have not used the big fan this year.

Yesterday Sharon said it was hot in the motorhome where we eat lunch. I told her to do the routine running of the Bounder generator and load it down with both air conditioners.  Lunch in the motorhome was nice and cool yesterday.  We try to exercise the generator at least once evey couple weeks.  I need to get our Honda generator out and run it for a little while.  Gasoline dries up in the carburetor and hoses creating gum that is not good for generators. It pays to run them at least once a month if not every couple weeks.




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