Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Watching The Weather For Camping

Our weather has been rainy lately. We are watching the weather for camping this weekend. So far the forecast if for partly cloudy with the lows in the 60s. If the forecast stays like that we will go camping. If it looks like rain, I think we may skip it for this weekend

It is only two weeks and two days until our next rally. This one is the San Dimas Rally and the closest to our home. I really look forward to each weekend we can get out camping. It seems that each trip gives both Sharon and I some much needed down time. I often do not want to get away from the warehouse, but having the motorhome has made it easier.

Yes, I am still exercising, but the weight is an ongoing challenge. Sharon bought Oreo cookies yesterday. I ate WAY to many of them. Snack crackers and chips are not helping either. If they are there I will eat them. I was down to 213 and am now back to 215. This is a little dance back and forth.

Losing weight is like anything else in life, you need to constantly improve in your ability to do it or you will lose the finesse you once had. Golf, singing or weight loss, I believe you have to practice the art of the craft to be good. If you do not stay serious, your talent suffers.

One thing that helps me is this blog. By regularly writing about weight loss, I at least keep it in the forefront of things I need to do. Writing about my success and even failures helps me focus on the problem. If I keep focused long enough something will click and I will get a few more pound off.

For years I never paid attention to weight. Because we want to go full timing in the RV, it has become important to me. I really want to strength and stamina to see our country, to hike its paths and bike some trails.


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