Sunday, September 11, 2005

Enjoying Our Grandaughter

Bear Valley Springs is an amazing gated community. It has over 100 miles of road.  There is a 24 hour guard house at the  road into the community.  There is an equestrian center and miles of horse trails.  I'm not sure of all the amenities, but there is a golf course, a shooting range, two RV campgrounds, two small lakes, standard community center with play gournd, meeting hall, exercise room, there is a fire department and police department in the community.  This place is like a town, but without all the businesses.  There is a gas station, a small store and fast food restaurant.  Of course there is a full restaurant at the golf course country club.  If you wanted a place to live, this is a nice one.

We brought Jessica a baby toy today and we brought my son a toy also.  Harbor Freight has electric motor powered model airplanes for $6.99, so I bought one for Rob.  OH, I forgot to tell you they also have a model airplane airport with runway here.  This little plane I bought is not remote control.  You charge it and it will fly for about 3 minutes on its own.  Rob charged it up and flew it into the wind.  It started circling and moving along in  the wind. 

The airplane rose to about 50 feet in the air and the wind took it further and further away.  It flew in circles and was getting smaller an smaller. I told my son to hop in the car and follow it.  I knew that he would never find it again.  By the time the car was out of sight, so was the airplane.  My son came back shortly with the airplane.  It flew in circles for about a quarter of a mile and landed in a parking area near the lake.

This community is where we took our very first camping trip in the Bounder.  We stayed in one of the campgrounds.  There are no hook ups and no fires allowed.  They do have a rest room with showers and a dump station in the campground. 

My son doesn't have any tables to eat at or work at so posting pictures isn't that convenient.  When I finish the blog I will try to set up and get some pictures posted.

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