Thursday, February 02, 2006

Getting Ready To Go Camping

Sharon and I are getting ready to go camping. She is doing some laundry so we have clean clothes. Earlier we loaded some firewood into the rear box we mounted on the rear trailer hitch.  We are out of firewood, so a soon as Sharon hangs laundry we will go get another pallet of cutoff lumber the local lumber yard sells as firewood.

Cutoff lumber is great for firewood. It burns faster than logs, so you need more of it, but it creates a really nice fire.  We have started cooking over the fire.  We get a hot bed of coals going an cook over them.  Where we camp locally the have metal fire rings to build fires in.  I build my fire on one side where the grate goes.  Each fire pit has a grate on a chain the you can put over the fire or take if off and let it hang outside the fire pit.

When we were at camping world last week getting water pump, we also bought a grilling “basket”.  Click the basket or link to get on for yourself.  We were cooking on a throw away aluminum grill, but I think I will like the basket better. It will be easier to flip the steaks over and there will be no chance of  flipping one into the fire (I never have, but have come close).

Deluxe BBQ Basket

OK, we are heading to the lumber yard to get more firewood. 


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