Thursday, March 09, 2006

Kelly's Beach Camping

We are here at Kelly’s Beach camping already.  It is 3:30 in the afternoon and we have been here a little over an hour.  The trip here was a about 7 hours with a couple stops.

There is a trout fish hatchery less than an hour from home.  We stopped there to eat breakfast.  Of course we had to walk along and see the rows of trout.  The hatcher has netting over the entire hatchery area. It keeps the herons and egrets from eating the trout.  This is probable a couple acres covered in netting.

At the end where the water flows out of all of the cement tanks is a pond. It has some large trout swimming in the pond. The pond is full of ducks and was surrounded by 30 or more white egrets.

When we drove through the mountains there was snow on the high hills, but none down near the road.  Based on the weather forecast, this could change over the weekend.

We drive through Bakersfield on the way here. There is a Camping World there and we bought a few things we needed.  This Camping World has an RV dealer inside the building with 2 acres of motorhomes and trailers inside the building.

Right now the sun is shining and it is comfortable warm outside, if you stand in the sun in a short sleeved shirt. A really beautiful start to the weekend.

This is a day early for the rally, but there are already 8 rigs here including us.  The others were here before we got here.  There will be about 30 rigs total. 


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