Sunday, May 15, 2005

Great Week-end Now Day Camping At The Beach

The camping week-end was great.  It is fun to go out with other people.  Some you already know and some new faces you meet for the first time.    A group adds another dimension to camping.  This group ended up being 5 "rigs" instead of the original 6.  Two single women camped in tents.  Another couple with their 3 1/2 year old grandson and Sharon and I came in class A motor homes and Faith and Cole came in a 14 foot travel trailer.  A nice mix of young people and a little older ones like Sharon and I.  It was a fun week-end.

Lake Casitas is a very large manmade lake.  It has campgrounds for quite a few campers, probably hundreds, but you are not crammed together real tight.  The camp spots are spacious and you would actually park to large motorhomes in one spot in the dry camping area where we were.  The full hook-ups are is not quite as spacious and is tighter together. 

Cole brought his boat and took anyone who wanted to go out on the lake. The picture below is:  Jennifer (front left), Miriam from Germany (the blonde), Cole in red and Sharon in the rear.

Cole and the "girls"
Boating On Lake Casitas

We have left the Lake Casitas campground and are now day camped along the ocean.  We  are listening to the crashing waves and watching the bikinis --- I mean watching for dolphins. 

The Bounder ran very well and when we left the campground took a different route to head home.  We had a couple nice grades and I could definitely tell I had increased power since the headers were installed.  OF COURSE, now there is a new problem.  The is a large squealing noise when I accelerate as if a belt is slipping.  I hope that is what it is.   Maybe the shop left a belt too loose or too tight after the header installation.  I need to go back for a 100 mile tightening of the headers this week, so I will also see about having them check the squeal and maybe replace all the belts and hoses.

Now we go back home and "rest" for two days and then head for another 5 days of camping down in San Diego.  While we are there we will go to Sea World on Thursday.  We are trying to hook up with an internet friend who lives down there and who we've know for a few years but never met face to face.  This next trip should be a good one AGAIN. 


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