Thursday, January 27, 2005

Jan 27, 05 More Work On Dump Hose

We were up at 5:00 this morning. Sharon had a 7 o'clock doctors appointment about forty five minutes to an hour away depending on traffic. She is in a blood pressure study. One of those get paid to do it studies. For the last 24 hours she has been wearing a blood pressure cuff that takes her blood pressure every 10 minutes and records it. Sharon did not get a good nights sleep.

Now that the RV sewer hose problem is fixed, I need to glue another end onto the regular sewer hose that comes out the door. I do not know why, but I can not keep sewer hoses from dripping. I have used the red screw on adapters, the blue ones and some built in clip ones. All of them drip even if I put a large hose clamp around the hose and tighten it down. The only way I have stopped the drips is by using Gorilla Glue on the hose and connector to get a tight seal.

The cheap hose the dealer gave us when we bought the motorhome had pre-installed connectors. I tried to take one off. The manufacturer had glued it onto the end of the hose. Maybe that is a good way to go. I am not sure what the best glue is for the plastic parts. Many glues and adhesives have a hard time sticking to some plastics. So far the Gorilla Glue has worked pretty good. As I recall I got the Gorilla Glue at Home Depot hardware store.

We are tied up with our business from today through Saturday, so there will be no motorhome day trip this week. Maybe we can go out on Sunday. A trip over to our local harbor for a while would be fun. We haven't been there in the motorhome yet. We can stop at the Farmer's Market and get some fresh locally grown strawberries, some wheat grass or cat grass for our cats to chew on and some vegetables.


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