Monday, February 28, 2005

Feb 28, '05 Registered For Kelly's Beach Rally

This morning I made reservations for the Kelly's Beach rally here in California. They are having a catered dinner instead of a pot luck dinner. That should be fun too.

If you go camping in your RV with a group, you may have a lot more fun than when you go camping alone. Of course a combination of the two makes for a more rounded RV experience. With a group you tend to have more interaction with other people and spend less time doing what you normally might do while out camping. Camping with only your family, you will do activities you might not do when other people are there to distract you. So both are the BEST. I do not think I would give up either in favor of the other.

For this rally, we will spend two nights camped with the group at Kelly's Beach. Then we will head for home and stop for two nights along the way somewhere. I am not sure where yet. We will figure that out between now and the rally. See, Sharon and I will get both in the same trip. This is what we did for the last rally, if you recall.

It is raining here in coastal Southern California. I still have more caulking to do on the motorhome.

I just called a carburetor business that was recommended to me. They say they will do the rebuild for about $250. That is about $150 less than the other place quoted me. I found the other place in the yellow pages under "carburetors". This place is a personal recommendation. The first is a carburetor business, and the second is an automotive repair business.


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