Saturday, March 04, 2006

Selling On Ebay

In the last two days, I have 17 auctions up on Ebay.  YEA!  I am selling on Ebay again.  It is about time.  I hope to have about at least 100 auctions up on Ebay in the next 10 days.  OK, that actually will be by the weekend of the 18th.  We are going camping for 4 days and will not be able to list anything.

Some of my auctions will end while we are camping.  I will have internet access while we are camping.  I can contact winners and give them a ship date for their items.  My auctions say, “We ship in 3 to 5 business days. We try to ship within 1–3 days.” We will be fine for shipping while on a 4 day weekend.

It was rather cold this morning. OK, California Cold. It was in the low 30s.  I didn’t check the temperature, but when we drove by the strawberry field they had big fans running to move air and keep the berries from freezing.  Also there was a light dusting of snow on our local mountains.  The rain here yesterday was snow 20 miles away in the mountains. 

Harbor Freight had a number of good things in their parking lot sale.  I got a small air compressor with tank for $25.  It is light weight and I was thinking of putting it in the motorhome.  First I need to be sure it will fill a tire to 95 pounds. It says it goes to 150 pound.  Of course I did not not think about getting an air hose for it.  It did not come with one.  I’ll get one of the coiled loop air hoses for it.

I got some hand tools I needed.  I can never find my tape measures, so I bought one to keep in the office. 

Just for the motorhome I bought a 150 watt inverter that plugs into the cigarette lighter.  This should come in handy, as I use one that is way back by the dinette and run an extension cord to the front of the RV. 


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